Positive reinforcement. Relationship building. Fun times.

Positive reinforcement. Relationship building. Fun times.

Helping you take care of your furry friends!


Helping you take care of your furry friends!

About Our Trainer

Where the passion started



Krista Boden has been training dogs professionally since 2005. Krista’s love for dogs began during her childhood when she discovered at a very young age the connection, she has with them. Her professional career began as a trainer for service dogs, preparing the dogs to become companions to individuals with disabilities. Now, Krista is passionate about educating pet owners and their dogs through life coaching.

Training through positive reinforcement


  She loves to help nurture and strengthen the pet-owner relationship through obedience training using positive reinforcement along with clear rules and boundaries. Besides obedience and agility training, Krista is very involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of shelter dogs. Surrounded by dogs her whole life and blessed with a strong intuition and world-class training, Krista keenly understands dog behavior, their wants, and their needs. She believes that dogs can teach us a great deal if we let them.

building a bond between owner + dog


  Krista, her husband and their son reside in Lynden, Washington, and share their home with a German Shepherd. With her current, and past dogs, Krista has competed in Rally, Obedience, and Agility. Watching Krista interact with her own dogs is a glimpse into her love and respect for all dogs. Krista has a strong following of devoted fans wherever she leaves her mark with pet owners and dogs, we know you are going to love her, too!  

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